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WANTED:C5 VERT 6SP Blue / shale - out West



Having been looking for sometime for our dream car. An 00 - 04 convertible in Blue w/ shale or tan interior / manual / Low miler / one owner if possible in pristine condition. Have found some excellant examples in FL / NC but too far. There has to be that perfect car somewhere out west!!!
Would one have to be careful of a 3-6 year old car with really low miles? Obviously it's not driven & sits most of her life, what about seals / gaskets etc?
I'm a new member, love the site.


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Jun 23, 2004
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I wouldn't think age and low mileage would be an issue with a C5. Though I'm certainly no authority on the matter, I purchased my 1998 convertible in 2004 (6 years old) and only 25k miles on it. It's been my daily driver, and with the exception of the battery leakage issue which turned out to be easily "fixed," she's been a dream. I think the issue had been recognized and resolved by 2000 so that shouldn't even be a concern for you.

When you get a chance, post a thread in the New Member forum to give everyone a chance to say hello. I believe from your user id you're from British Columbia. We have lots of Canadian members here, and our resident Mountie admin is from your neck of the woods.

Welcome to the CAC and good luck with your search!
:w Jane Ann


Thanks Jane Ann, appreciated your email. Whenever we find the vette we are looking for will be our first. I've always been a Ford man, but don't hold that against me.


WOULD YOUCONSIDER AN 05 C-6 i have a blue one available . . ..fair pricing

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