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Warnings And Cautions Before Proceeding With Maintenance And Repair Work

Ken said:
I recently purchased a book entitled How To Understand, Service and Modify CORVETTE Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Management by Charles O. Probst. It covers the model years 1982 through 2001 and the L83, L98, LT1, LT4, LS1, LS6 and the LT5 (ZR-1) engines.

Call me what you will but I thought chapters 2 and 3 were fascinating! :crazy Recommended reading.
Juat a couple of related stories.
1. A mechanic had a car on a lift, engine running and in gear to observe the drive train. His log hair got wrapped around the drive shaft and pulled his scalp off.
2. A home mechanic drove his Corvette onto a ramp, removed the u-joint and was killed when the car rolled back on him.
You're right - Safety first.
Here is another one I didn't see in your list. Keep your hands away from moving parts!

I "touched" the fan once while leaning over to listen for a loose belt. Lucky for me nothing happend, but it scared the crap out of me as I almost lost a finger.

I guess that is why newer cars say "Caution Fan" :)

I put my wifes car on the lift when I went to let it down the switch stuck "on" and ran it into the trusses, if I had had the car 4" forward it would have cleared

Okay, here's a good one (At least he has some substantial cribbing supporting the car. ;))

I don't know about you, but I would be just a bit concerned if I was working under this car. Click the picture to see it full-size.

I can't even begin to imagine the trouble it was to lift the thing in place as it was. Amazing what people will go through to work on their cars; if you knew where I lived you'd understand why space is at such a premium. :eyerole
Don't forget about the 100 watt utility light. Be careful where it's placed as it's only a 100W but still gets hot. Especially when near a vinyl interior. :cry
That's one reason most of the shop lights nowadays use fluorescent bulbs - less heat, fewer burns. ;)

Man, I love that car of yours! Every time I see it. :upthumbs
Something I didn't see anybody mention. You know how we like to teach our children, and to do so means they need to be close by. Well, if you do have children that like to watch, or assist, make certain that you not just warn them of the dangers, but that you try to keep an eye on where they are. If that can't be done alone, maybe they shouldn't be in the immediate area, or ask your wife, girlfriend, significant other to come help watch. Keep in mind their age and attention span, young children have a very short attention span, and will become lost in their own world while you're busy working on the car. That means they will soon forget all that you told them about such as, don't play inside the car while I'm under it, don't turn the steering wheel unless I tell you to, etc.

So with that in mind, keeping them busy handing you safe tools such as wrenches or hammers will keep them interested. Screwdrivers and hack saws are not the best things because of the danger of stabbing and or cutting injuries.
I'm sure many of you can think of other things that young children can find around the shop with which to produce self-inflicted injuries.

Thanks for adding that tip! :upthumbs

All too often we get caught up in the job we're concentrating on, and if there are children in the shop they tend to get neglected. The next thing you know they're into something they shouldn't be into, and there's nothing worse than suddenly hearing a terrified scream coming from a child. :eek

Let's be safe out there! :CAC
vettepilot said:
Screwdrivers and hack saws are not the best things because of the danger of stabbing and or cutting injuries.

Why are you using a hacksaw under your car?! :L


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