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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Okay I had my car completly repainted in Aug 01 mow its been sitting in a mechanics garage covered.

It gets out tommorrow and comes to my garage and I noticed that the cover helped but it still has a helluva dust skim on it.

How do I remove it without water (or should I) and is it time to wax? What do I use Im a novice with the terms, all I do know is I love Meguiars stuff and am willing to spot a little cash to save and protect my fresh paint job.

If you could tell me how to do it in steps loel cleaner rewax wax etc.. and be very basic Thanks alot
I would wash and wax. Tech 26 Mequiars. I love the stuff. Use it on both vettes.I recently had a repaint on the 85 hood(vandalism) Did a great job on that also after allowing the paint to cure.

Depending on the finish, wash it and wait 60 before you wax a repainted car. If there is still some crud on the finish as evidenced by the paint feeling anything but baby butt smooth, try using a clay bar. It will remove all surface imperfections. Follow up with any good quality carnuba wax. My preference is anything from Griot's Garage (www.griotsgarage.com). Good luck.
Paints new no real imperfections in it (scratchables) How does a guy apply a clay bar and how do I take it off?? Just rub rub rub and buff off? The other wax's I know how.
Oh ya I Like Meguairs and the Zanio seems nice but the most popular (around here) seems to be that Mothers stuff is that any good??
Okay Smart A$$ Lol Set me up with a basic beginner package and gimme a price Im from Edmonton so our CND dollar will do.
(Include Shipping)
The clay bar is rubbed over the surface of the paint with a detailer spray used as a lubricant. The directions are on the box. You can buy the clay in an auto parts store, it is in the wax section.
You can get your claybar from Tanzanite3 also. Check out the Zaino website for some good tips and techniques.:w

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