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waxed out



I started today with the idea of doing a complete Zaino treatment on the car. Before I got started on the vette I thought it might be a good idea to wash and wax the wifes camry first so she would be happy and not mind me playing all day in the garage.
That was 8:30 am and now at 9:30 pm I just finished up. Both look great. I did take a few breaks but you know the wax had to dry.
I washed and Zainoed my Harley last week so I guess I'm all caught up for now. Heck it even rained the other night so my truck is washed too.
Dangit, you just reminded me that I need to buy some buffer pads so I can do the same to my rides before winter sets in :eyerole. Work, work, work - does it ever end?
Is Zaino worht using over reg wax? Where can you get it?

Hey Rich,
Give Tanzanite a holler.

Rich 80
Zaino polish is a complete system. You would want to strip all the old wax off before starting, by washing your car with Dawn dishwashing soap.
You can order Zaino directly from the manufacturer. Their website is www.zainobros.com and gives you application instructions and tips. Its a bit of work the first time around but after that just keep it nice and clean and apply a new coat every now and then.
Thanks Sil

As promised, .. I'll just lurk on this one!!!!!:cool

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