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Well, there she is. I didn't add the ground effects, but I haven't taken them off yet either. Some days I like them, others I don't. Lemme know what you think.

Nice pic Drewser! Maybe it's the angle or something but it looks like it's ready to take off! :D

Funny Jay, I was going too say something similar in that it looks kinda high in the front, but it must be the angle of the driveway or street or whatever.

As for what WE think Drewser, that's irrelevant; it's what YOU like that matters. :D

It looks pretty cool with the effects. :cool

_ken :w
Looks Sharp, Drewser! Great color too. :D I think it looks like it's ready to take off too.

Ready for takeoff

She IS ready for takeoff! It is really just my driveway. Thanks for the kind words. I really do like her. Next is vanity plates and some paint in the spring.

BTW, how do you get a smaller pix on the left under my name? Do I have to delete my pix that I use for my signature?

Re: Ready for takeoff

Drewser said:
...how do you get a smaller pix on the left under my name?

Control Panel -- Edit Options -- Change Avatar -- Note: the maximum size of your custom image is 80 by 80 pixels or 10000 bytes (whichever is smaller).

...my signature?

Is too big. :(

From the help section:
Pictures and banners are not allowed to exceed 200 x 200 pixels and/or 10KB in size. Weather banners are not allowed.

_ken :w
Very sharp Drewser, cleared for takeoff! Too bad that Indiana winter is coming :(. If you want, I can take care of it for you til spring:D .

Actually, the car is from Virginia. I flew to Dulles a few weeks ago to pick up the car. It used to live in Alexandria and still sports "Aquia Creek" and "Northern Virginia" corvette club stickers. The car belongs to more clubs than I do! I'm sure that she would be right at home in your garage, Eric. ;) I will still drive her this winter, just not in the snow. I live in southeastern Indiana and it is only really bad for a month or two.

Sorry about the extremely large sig picture. I hope that this is better.

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