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weak spark



It's me again boys. My last post was about oil pressure sender causing a no start. Turns out injectors are pumping fuel, and there is spark while cranking. The motor comes to as close to starting as you can get without really starting, know what I mean. I hooked up a plug to #1 spark plug and grounded it to block while cranking. Looks like my spark is weak, although once in a while you get a nice fat spark, and thats when the motor sounds like it's going to start. Just for the record, the computer has a default timing program. so if the HEI is not sending back a pulse to computer, the car should still start. (code 12, which I have by the way. just ordered new distributer parts) I checked the wires from HEI module to computer, and have no breaks or shorts. anybody care to comment on a weak spark on 1982 crossfire?

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