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Weatherstriping Y I K E S !!!!


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Jan 6, 2001
Pottstown, Pa.
It's got to be done, however it dosen't look all that complicated.
I will be ordering from one of our supporting vendors, any suggestions ? Did I see a post from ssvette for weatherstripping ? I came across this article while looking for How-to's and if anyone is thinking about doing it themselves check this out. http://www.d-p-g.com/corvettefever/may97/en.htm
I'll let you know how it turns out.

I did my entire weatherstripping a few years ago, it's not all that hard to do but it can get messy. Br prepared and have everything you need before you start. If your 75 is anything like the 81 then the WS behind the drivers door is held on by 3 rivets, you can drill out the old ones from inside the car. To put the new ones on get someone to help hold them in place while you rivet them on. Also the doors may give you some trouble so get a friend to help with those too, the rest can be done by yourself and are pretty straight forward.
METRO w/s source

I have a favorite supplier for things such as radiators, rings, pistons, cams etc. You can contact Carolinas Auto Supply House at Charlotte NC at 1-800-438-4070 or email ss@carolina.rr.com or sales@autosupplyhouse.com but there is no online catalogs as of yet. I contacted them this week and asked about a METRO pn TP 2000 T-Top w/s kit for 69-77 coupe. Carolinas replied that they would drop ship Metro pn TP 2000 at my doorstep for grand total of $155. BTW, Carolinas is a wholesale only house ... a tax number is needed to set up an account with them. Also, Metro weatherstrips at 1-800-878-2237 or www.metrommp.com are US made and come w/ 30 yr factory warranty. The Metro site does have a catalog.
another w/s source

I do NOT have experience with another supplier Corvette Rubber Company of Cadillac MI at www.corvette-rubber.com or 1-888-216-9412. However, they do have an online catalog that shows C3 t-top weatherstrips at about $45 per side (L or R).

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