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welding and gussetting a frame for racing



I understand that the factory produced a manual advising how to weld and gussett C3 vettes frames for racing.It also incuded a section on tying a roll cage to the frame to improve stiffness.Is it still available and how do get a copy
I have seen an old Chevy Power type book with the drawings for this situation at my buddies house. He road races and use to campaign a 68 Corvette.

We will see if I can get a hold of him and find out what he has available.
I remember an article about this in Corvette News many moons ago. I'll bet I could find it if I look deep enough. Let's see what Chris finds first. The last time I went digging in the basement I was lost for 3 days.

I have seen these drawings at Dave's house. I am sure it is the same thing you guys saw here and there. Somebody at Chevrolet took the time to diagram several Chevy cars like Vette, Camara, Nova, etc. and demonstrate the best possible way to stiffen them up and prepare them for racing. All were in the same manual.

Dave is very busy, but when he sees this thread I am sure he can help out.

Tom, you sound like me an the shop. I tell Nikki I need to run out there and get something, then somehow I get distracted, lost, etc, and come back in with grease on my hands three hours later.
Corvette race prep

To Glyn from Australia

The articles you are looking for are found in Corvette News Feb/March 1973, April/May 1973, June/July 1973. These cover many aspects of setting up a Corvette Racecar. In the Dec/January 1978 issue there is an article on strengthing the frame.

It seems to me that an early Chevy Power book it also covered how to setup Chevy racecars, complete with part numbers for rear wheel Camaro disk brakes, but I'm not absolutely sure of that.

Good luck, I'm currently working on an old IMSA 1968 Corvette racer.
Ol Blue
Ol Blue

Thanks for the help. Now we'll know where to dig. I'd like to see some pictures of your racer when you get time.


P.S. Glyn, If you don't have access to these articles I'll dig them out.
68 Corvette IMSA racer

You may see a picture of the racer after a hard night at speed in the 1975 24 hours of Daytona at the following location.
Ol Blue

PS are you going to the Monterey Historics in August? I understand the SACC is having a convention right before the Historics.
Now that is :cool How long have you had the car and do you know it's complete history? I doubt that I will make it to Monteray. I'm still recovering from last year's shop building project.


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