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Went and looked at a C3!



Coworker of hubby's took us to a C3 he drives past everyday.
I think it is a 1979. It looks just like my 78. Year on the license plate tag says 1989! So it has sat awhile!
It is a faded, cracked and repainted yellow. L82 with a 4-speed, side pipes and headers. Side pipe mount on pass. side is broken. 70K on the odometer. Black interior that is shot, with seats that fold over at the mid-back. Pace car front and rear spoilers. Small hole in rear fiberglass. Lots of rust on the headers, wiper mechanism and rims. Doors were locked so we couldn't get under the hood to see.
Nephew says it is regularly jump started and fires right up. Also says Uncle has received offers of $8-10K. I almost laughed out loud! Hubby says to offer $2500.
What do you think?
I'm not so sure I want a fixer upper needing more fixing than the 78!
Sounds like a '72 small block I checked out today. The interior was shot, the fiberglass had stress fractures all over the place. The price on the window said $7800.00. I doubt it ran because the keys where in the lock on the door.

I paid $7800.00 for my '78 and it ran very well. The only issues she had where stress fractures in the paint. Go figure.


I think that the "uncle" is having some sort of dream. To turn down such a riculous offer would be a mistake on his part. Kenny is in the ballpark with his estimate (just my opinion), there of plenty far less needy vettes out there for $7,000 to $8,000 in the same year of which you speak. :(

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