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Wet passenger side carpet.


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Jul 12, 2012
1988, C4 and as long as I have owned this vehicle (+22yrs) I've had this problem with wet carpet passenger side after a good rain. Years ago I found a drain tube located far right side of the heater box that was blocked and after cleaning it thought I had fixed the problem. I'm still having the same problem and now have been giving it more thought.

Rain enters the heater air intake below the passenger side windshield wiper and has to exit somewhere. The drain I found was on the far outside below the fan motor accessed behind the side grill. I can only assume there must be another drain that I can't find and is blocked and when it rains over flows from the heater core housing on to the passenger side carpet.

Any suggestions please...
Oh dear.... think I'll hold off on drilling holes in the floor.
Thank everyone for their input...

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