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Wet Vette!!


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May 8, 2001
Maurice, LA
1984 Cross-fire Corvette Coupe
I drove in the rain yesterday, pouring down. I left her sit in it all day. Well, this morning, the bottom of my driver side floorboard is flooded!! The wierd thing is, its only the bottom carpet and nothing else is wet. Its drying right now. What could be possible suspects for this? Is there a plug somewhere that i missed? Please help!!!!!! :mad :mad :mad :mad


wet vette

...terrible when it rhymes!

Mine leaked from the t-tops, but I understand sometimes they can leak from the cowl area, at the top of the fender/windshield area or near where the wipers attach, and the water just runs down inside to the floorboard. That could be where your leak has decided to locate itself and that is why only the floor is wet.


I think I own the only vette that doesn't leak so I can't tell you where it's coming from but I would simply take a hose and direct the water at all possible locations. If it's leaking it'll show. I found that by keeping all weatherstriping fresh it not only lasts but your car won't leak. I would think if you were driving it in the rain any above dash leak would have been noticed?
Good hunting.


My 84 leaks from the seal for the targa top. It usually drips from the hole next to the hole for the top hold down screws on both sides. When driving in the rain, the water drips down directly onto my left leg. This made for an embarassing situation when I made a trip from Raleigh to Charlotte to see my boss. By the time I got to Charlotte my jeans were soaked:cry I spent the whole day being the butt of jokes about how I love my vette so much that I won't even stop to use the bathroom!!

Anyway, if the vette is just parked and it is raining, this leak drips directly on to the floor. I'm not sure if yours is leaking from here but its a problem area for our year.

The only fix that I know of is to replace the entire seal around the targa top.



...and even then

The top that came with my vette (the painted one) didn't leak a bit, but when I got my acrylic top it started leaking. Not so bad during rain but quite noticably in a car wash. I have new seals around the new top and good seals on the car. I guess I'll have to get jiggy with some silicone on the new top. I know what you mean about "that embarasing wet spot" syndrome.

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