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what engine is in my car?


george streske

I have a 67 coupe with a 327 block date coded k-15-7, casting#3914678,numbers on pad 18sa00443---v082Ihe. I know it is a 68 block, but what car do these numbers designate? a vette,camero,chevy or ? If anyone could help decode these numbers i would greatly appreciate it. thanks
Engine ccodes

Hi! I will try to help, and maybe some other people will provide additional information.

block date code: K-15-7 Nov-15-67
block casting: 3914678 : 1968 302 Camaro Z-28 290 HP or 1968 350HP Camaro/ChevyII 295HP or 327 210 HP car or truck.

The first part of your stamp pad should be vin number, and the second part is the assembly information. V is for Flint, the next set of numbers should be assembly date 08-Aug, 21st day and HE is for a 1969 350HP Powerglide.

If you could please verify your numbers, they do not seem to add up. I have found some errors in the manual I am using and I would like to make changes.

I hope this helps, and look foward to other postings.

65 250HP and 61 270HP
date code +pad #

Ray,thanks for your information . I rechecked the date code and it could be k-15-7,it is very difficult to see between the firewall and block. If the H is stamped like a capitol H on chevy blocks then the letter on my block is definately a 'k'. The # on the pad is V082IHE,the fifth symbol is an 'I' not a 1. I know this is not the original block, the seller told me that upfront. It would be nice to know what kind of chevy this block was meant for. Also,do you have any idea how i could find out where my car was originally sold in 67? I have the tank sticker,ordered4-14-67,sold in zone 45 by dealer#259.Anyone who can point me in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks again Ray!
dealer code

You should try the NCRS web site, I beleive they have a dealer code section.

As for the original selling dealer go to the NCRS site at www.ncrs.org. On the home page you will see in the far right of all the buttons a block titled "Zone and Dealer Codes". There you can do a search of your codes. It may be there. These codes have been compiled from information gathered by members and is by no means complete. Many old dealer codes for dealers no longer in business are still not known. If, in your search of your cars history, you happen to find any old dealer codes not listed please register them.

I hope this gets you going in the right direction.

Thomas O'Bryant
George -

The 678 block was used for many different applications from '68-'74, but with your October '67 casting date and the "HE" suffix, that would make it a '68 Corvette 327/300 4-speed engine. However, the October 15th casting date doesn't work with the 8/21 engine build date, and the VIN derivative says it was originally in a '68 Corvette that was built on September 18th.

Check the casting date again - if it's an "h" instead of a "k", that would make it a block cast on August 15th, engine build date of August 21st, built into a car on September 18th, which lines up.

Although it's not original, at least you'll know what it is and where it came from.
That HE code really got around. Guess I should have checked the casting # too. Too much green beer.

Thomas O'Bryant
Zone 45 was South Bend, Indiana. It closed in 1976. Can't help with the dealer number. Chuck
If it was South Bend I'll bet it was Gates Chevrolet. They have been there since the '20s. Of course there were other dealers in the Zone.
engine#,zone#,dealer code #

Hey guys, thank-you all for your help.I am sure you all know how a vette gets in your blood and you just have to find out every detail about the car and its history.I am now in the process of rebuilding the front suspension,what fun that is!! A parts supplier sent me some new wheel bearings that had "made in japan" stamped on them,that is a no-no. Id probably be driving down the road and get struck by lightining!
Don't sweat the lightning strike for the wheel bearings - those are among the finest bearings on the planet. The ones to be wary of are the Chinese bearings.

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