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What ever became of...

Thats really crazy I just read something last week about one of those cars..I will post the details...now if I can only remember where I saw it:eek
I'm re-watching a video on the introduction of the C5s (from 1996) and they showed a picture of them which was what got me to wondering.

In the picture I can see some significant differences on the exterior, such as the emblems on the fenders and in the paint designs.

I also forget what year it was they received them; were they '69s?
I think I saw Tom Hanks drining one of them, somewhere:J ...............Steve
astronauts vettes

Hey guys,
The NCM is going to have some of the vettes that were given to the astronauts over Labor Day this year.:s I just wish the astronauts could be there, too.:(
that would sure make my day.:D

See you all at the NCM Labor Day.:J

yellow 81
Whatever became of??


I'm looking forward to seeing you Labor Day at the NCM! You'll be able to find me in the Membership and Brick Booth again this year, at least probably most of the time!:s

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