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Question: what exhaust manifold (or header) to use on a modified 81 no smog no ECC


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May 14, 2015
81 4spd Corvette Blue dark met
My 81, 350, man trans has all the smog removed..no A.I.R., no egr, no computer, no catalytic, no oxy sensor (running Edelbrock carb, intake and cam)..the left ex manifold has a crack..so time to replace em. What will fit? With all the smog stuff gone..will an earlier vette ex manifolds fit (79-80>) ..what "year" of aftermarket will fit the block ports/studs etc..(cuz the 81 manifolds have all the A.I.R. etc that I do not need.) I don't need to spend a ton on race headers..but I do already have true dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers..What header (exh manifold) do I shop for..to fit. Are gaskets to head the same as earlier year..say 79-80? So what will bolt right on ? Thanks,

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