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What frames can I use for my '70 4-speed convertible if I do a frame replacement?


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Feb 14, 2004
Odessa, MO
1970 Laguna Grey Convert., '04 Z06
Quick question, I am tossing around the idea of replacing the frame on my 1970 4-speed convertible and I am wonder what frames would work with no modifications. From reading it looks like it would need to be a frame from another 4-speed car, but my main question is does it have to be from another convertible? I wasn't sure if the convertible frames had more bracing than the coupe frames. Also, what years would work for a 1970? Thanks.

The reason that I am thinking about doing this is that the frame seems to sag on the passenger side (like it is very hard to get the door to close with somebody sitting in it on the passenger side (gap closes on back edge of door) and you can't do it with both doors open and two people inside) plus there seems to be some half-assed bracing / repair work welded in under the passenger side. The car also flexes a lot when driving over undulating terrain (like driving slowly across the grass driveway to my garage), you can feel it flex through the seat plus it will pop loose one of the top securing pins in the back if the top is up and latched.

I thought that if I could find a solid frame it would be easier to get it all cleaned up and painted and then do the swap rather than pull the body off of the original frame and try and fix up the frame then.

Vettehead Mikey

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Aug 26, 2003
Not that far from Ottawa
1973 Coupe
Frames on convertibles are the same as coupes. Automatic cars have a removable crossmember, four speed are welded in place.

Frames up to '73 will fit as-is, frames after '73 will need to be modified at the front and or rear to accommodate the chrome bumpers.

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