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What happens when there is too much oil in the transmission?


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Jan 16, 2002
Austin, Texas
Been lurking for a while, nothing to really write about, most of my questions are answered just by searching the forum.

Ran into a problem though, my transmission (newly rebuilt 350) oddly lost power while loading the vette up on a uhaul trailer, and all of a sudden alot of oil spilled out of it, all over the place underneath it. The day was hot and when I felt it lose power I revved the car up a bit too much. And poof, the car Exxon Valdez’ed on me.

I am thinking bad seal, worst case blown pump.

Well a week later (today) after not moving it, turn it on and ran it, NO PROBLEMS. Now I didn't run it for long though. Looked at dip stick, no oil!!!! Used another dip stick to make sure, turns out the "new one" is about 1 3/4 inches shorter!!!!

Stuck the old one in and oil is right at FULL line with the trans hot. WHAT GIVES????

Am I risking it running the car like that? Doesn't need oil and all gears shift good.

Did the seal just relieve the pressure of the extra oil and spill it? I would say about a quart of oil spilled, which is about the amount I added after I got the new dip stick.

I have another trans ready to swap. but just wondering what the heck happened...

Has this happened to anyone before?


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Dec 27, 2001
janesville wi usa
1982 bright blue coupe
Probably just pushed it out the breather tube,normally when cold fluid should be between the add and the full marks to comp.for expansion.

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