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What have I got here???


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Oct 15, 2000
Bowie, MD
Vette-less for now
OK.... So the guy that sold me my '81 years ago keeps coming up with stuff he had squirreled away in the attic, basement, garage, ...etc. Today he sends me this:

a. (1) Hard Plastic Box - "Inaugural 1991 Edition"
Corvette Collector Cards
- 108 Premium Cards
- still in the original plastic wrap

b. (1) Cardboard Box "Inaugural 1991 Edition"
Corvette Collector Cards 1953-1991
- 10 cards per pack
- 36 count
- still in the original plastic wrap

This stuff worth anything? I know from my days of collecting Lionel Trains, anything still in the original wrapping carries a premium (assuming of course there is a market for this stuff). Any info w/b helpful. If there's no special value, I'm going to open them up and see what's inside. (Maybe I'll find me a couple Michael Jordan rookie cards) Yeah right. :D

Thanks......... Nut

I've seen these things advertised for sale on e-bay several times. I've never seen any for real! Cannot remember the prices though.. however, a good place to research their value I'd say!
You are right about these too, when in the original packaging/wrappers, they're worth more!

Good luck with your research.

Thanks. I'll check eBay this week. The funny thing is they sort of look like the same cards but packaged differently. I can't imagine they're worth that much. Or which one is worth more. Still kinda like to open them up. What's inside may be more interesting regardless of value. Thanks as always for the advice. Have you had the C4 winterized and locked up already or still driving her around? I'm praying for a reasonable winter down here. Never missed a month yet I couldn't take her out for a long drive even in the dead of winter. (Which ain't much in MD lately). Love the website and story too.

Later......... Nut

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