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What price for a 1980 L-82



I am looking at a 1980 L-82, only about 25,000 miles, new by a few years white paint job, not a real great job IMHO, red leather interior, real clean, new water pump, automatic, everything looks nice, sounds good. Top carrier for the back, new tires, 8 slots rims. What do you think it's worth? It has some papers, but I'm looking for a daily driver. What'd'ya think? $$$$$$$$$$
Hard to say...

...without first seeing it.
With such low miles, it should be in pretty good condition. When purchasing a 20+ year old vette (or any other car) be sure to ask for service records to see how well maintained the vehicle has been over the years.

I feel this is an important point if you are looking for a reliable daily-driver.

However, with such low miles, I can't see anything major occuring that would require the big $ repairs. Those might occur during your ownership combined with the demands of a daily driver.

My 78 is driven daily, and has been for the 12+ years husband and I have had her. We have had major repairs performed, and some major preventive work, too. My main goal is keeping her safe and reliable.

Keep an eye out for Keith (Racer78) to post, he has some good points to look for when purchasing or thinking of purchasing.

Anyhow, my guess for a good range of price, variant to condition:

I see no problem as a daily driver. I would look closely as to why so few miles. Is this original owner? I would think so. They should have really good records if that's the case. Members will post all of the things to look for but if it is as good as it sounds, anything under 9k would be a good price IMO.

Good Luck :w
I found a 78 with 27,000 0rg miles. As C4ever stated should have good documentation. Mine still was org owner, paint, had meticulous records. There out there just do your homework. Happy hunting :)

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