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Question: What problems do I look for?


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Aug 4, 2007
Brampton, Ontario
1981 White
I currently have a 1981 and just discovered that the birdcage is badly rusted. I am thinking about moving to a C4 now but know basically nothing about them. Do they have any rust issues? What are some major things to look for when inspecting a C4?
here is a good thread that may help. Take your time, don't take home the first girl ... errr ... car that makes your heart beat faster. :eyerole

I would say your first choice ( if your into C4's) is to determine if you want an L98 ( 1985 to 1991 ) car or an Lt1 ( 1992-1996 ) car. The '84's have a unique fuel injection system so keep that in mind.

Also, decide if you like analog or the cool knight rider digital guages.
Each version has some cool things and some not so cool things. So its a matter of personel choice. :thumb

Other than that read through this thread for some trouble spots.


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