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What size?


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Aug 17, 2001
86 Pace Car 31,000 miles
Hi all,
I'm working on the rear hub assembly of my 86 and have run into a little problem. I'm trying to remove the hub assembly from the rear knuckle,there are 3 torx bolts that hold the hub in the knuckle, I've tried both 50 and 55 torx bits ,50 is too little and the 55 is too big. I'm not aware of any size in between.

Thanx in advance,
It's a T55. I just replaced the same thing on the same year Vette. I had issues removing them as well; I was trying to get at them from the wheel side of the knuckle, reaching back. When I climbed under the car on the diff side, I was able to easily get them out.

One thing to watch for - the halfshaft has a little protrusion on the side, just behind the knuckle. This protrusion just barely covers the edge of one of the three screwheads (depending on which way the shaft sits, but it *always* covers one of them). You CANNOT take out the screw that's covered without rotating the halfshaft slightly.

Also, I found I couldn't easily slide the new hub/bearing down the spindle so I took the spindle nut and tightened it most of the way to push the hub down the spindle, then took the nut off again.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions. The bearing change made a BIG difference in how the car handles...

Also, if you know of any place that buys and rebuilds these bearings, let me know...


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