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what's it worth???



Friend of mine just found a 1976 L82 with 4 a speed tranny.Front end is off a 1981 from mid wheel well foreward with a 1975 hood (probably front end hit). Frame is good as is window frames etc. No exhaust from headers back. Motor runs fine (not original). Interior is crap!!! seats from 1978-1982. Non original wheels, but new tires and brakes. Oh yeah almost forgot the clutch is shot and the AC has been cannabalized.Thinking of trying to get it for $1500 Canadian(thats about a $1.50 U.S lol) What do you think it is worth?????
Thanks for your assistance Mike


Bought my 76 L82, 4 speed Vette for $4000 US. However, it was all original, ran like a top and everything, and I mean everything, was like it was when it came from the factory...I'm not sure this is good! As you probably know, interior items are not cheap and fixing the AC is incredibly expensive.

Sounds like $1,500 US would not be a bad price....However, why not wait to see if you can get a car in a little better shape with all its equipment there and in decent shape? I bought my 70' Camaro in similar shape to what you described the condition of the Vette you are looking at and I spent probably MORE money and spent a heck of a lot more time searching for parts than I would have for a better car...I might have been better off if I bought a car that was more "there" in the first place. Just my .02

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