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What's the note like


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
I haven't been fortunate enough to purchase one of these magnificent Z06 sporting machines; but I'll get there in a few years. As I'm fantasizing about reaching triple digits on the expressways, I came across a couple of interesting questions:

1. How much would a dealer expect as a down payment?
2. How much would the car note be a month?

Being only 21 and a couple of years away from college graduation, I'm starting to save up already.
Those are interesting questions. I don't have a Z06 but I know someone who does. He put down $12,000 and is paying about $650 a month. The more you put down the less the monthly payments. Every $1000 drops the monthly payments by $20. So for his payments to be in the $300 range he would have had to put down another $15000. He makes good money so he does not mind. Those are some numbers for you to think about. I hope it helps.

Thank you, that information really helps out a lot in terms of financial planning. I guess that brand new Z06 might have to wait a couple more years that expected. I live in the MidWest here and it would be impossible to only have a 'Vette because of the winters.

I guess I have some more saving up to do!
You are welcome. I hope the you can afford a Z06 some day soon. Good luck as I'm sure you will be able to get one.

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