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Whats up with that ?



I'm gonna make this as simple as I can. When I get too heavy on the pedal the engine wants to start what I think is spark knocking. The only thing is , it doesn't do it all the time, so is it the timing or the ECM? It loses power when it does this but sometimes it comes out of it and runs normal(if I lift and punch it again).:confused :mad

:w Brian
Brian, you've opened the door for a lot of responses, and you'll get 'em here.

I'll start with: Have you checked the cats lately? They might be on the verge of breaking up. When mine went, the sound was like loose connecting rods when it was noisy, but it ran fine. When it got quiet, the car wouldn't get out of it's own way (the cat material was plugging the passages).

Hope you find you're problem.

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