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What's your idle speed?



Bubba must have set the idle in my recently purchased '79 L-82 coupe. It was set for 700 rpm in neutral -- with an auto trans. No wonder it wanted to die at stop signs...it's supposed to be 700 rpm in Drive!

I've reset the idle (and the A/C solenoid) closer to normal, but the neutral idle speed seems somewhat high -- in the ballpark of 1100 rpm, maybe 1200.

My question is for auto trans owners: What's your Vette's idle speed in park/neutral?

According to the sticker in the engine compartment, 700 in drive, with AC off,
750 with AC on. If your almost stalling at red lights, at those RPMs, check your quad-dra-junk carb. Other then air-fuel adjustments, and cleaning, I cant help you with that. Others on this site will know.
I agree on the Q-Jet junk part, but what's YOUR idle speed in Park -- not Drive?
idle speeds

650 Park
550 Drive

originally an L-48, replaced with a GM crate engine
Mine is idling around 750 in park, around 600 in drive.

- Eric
quadra 'junk'?

funny how edelbrock bought patents. mine runs fine 400hp.You need to rebild them right!
Hmmm...looks like I might have a problem. What's dragging down my idle so far in Drive?

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