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Wheel Fitment



The factory alloys on my '92 LT1 are in bad shape, and I picked up a set of GM, five spoke wheels off a '95 Trans Am for next to nothing. I know C4's used 16 inch wheels up until '88. The lug pattern fits, but the calipers rub the inside of rims slightly. If I grind off enough of the caliper to gain clearance, will this set-up otherwise work?
Grinding Calipers

Knowing that the rims for a vette runs into mucho bucks, you still should not grind on the calipers for clearance. There is an aftermarket spacer of 1/8 and another 3/16's and even a 1/4 inch if you absolutely need that much that fits between the rim seat and the rim. This distance will not cause sufficient additional force or torque against the lug nuts or studs. The angle on the rin inter flanges should rise enough to clear the calipers.

Search out such a solution before you grind away.

Best is to search for some 17" rims for your ride. Since you have a trade in from 16's you might find that the difference in price is well worth the search.

Just an opinion :beer

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