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o.k. my '89 coupe needs tires, i'd really like to do the afs 17x9.5 and 17x11 combo w/ 275/40 front and 315/35 rears. not only am i totally into the visual enhancement (i can see them on the car now in my mind) but this would leave me the baaald original goodyears on stock wheels to store the car on. the car would be (is) stored and not moved 5mos a year so this appeals to me. question.......how much does a 315 tire stick out at the top of the wheelwell if at all? other probs? i really want to fill the wheelwell visually but not if it looks wrong or sticks out so much that i trash the paint. i will more than likely install the molded splashguards painted body color to protect the lower panels regardless of what tire i put on the car. also if i drop the back of the car 1/2 to an 1" would this be a prob with the 315? anybody?
If you go with the GS wheels you won't have a problem with the tires sticking out in the wind. I have the black GS wheels on mine and went with the factory flares because I like the look. I could have done without them. But then again, I could have done without the black GS stripe and the red hash marks also. NOT. If you go with the ZR1 offset you will have a problem with them sticking out. If you feel you have to get the AFS wheels they offer the GS offset in polished and chrome. Personaly I like the A-Mold.
I've been on the AFS site many times and have heard (read) good things about the product and service. My good friend is a firestone dealer and he will be offended if i don't run the SZ50, but they are narrow and they don't make a 315/35. AFS has aheck of a deal on the combo rims and dunlops (sp8000), mounted, balanced and to your door for less than $1650 in the silver paint finish. I know the SZ50 is highly rated in most every respect, but the dunlop is a contender and available in 315/35. I think the silver paint will look nice on a dark blue car and the pricing is attractive. I assumed the GS offset was what i needed but i wanted to hear from someone that had done this swap. I take it there are no clearance prob w/ brakes? cables ect.? Anyone had a problem w/the AFS wheel? Thank you for the info.
thanks Ken, I'll look at the speedline. Konig monsoon was another possibility, but up close they are too busy and perhaps a pain to keep clean and detailed. Also only available in 9" I am partial to the ZR-1 wheel because the style is straightforward and easy to clean. A clean look even when a little dirty is another reason I like the silver paint (bonus.... the cost).
devlboy said:
... I am partial to the ZR-1 wheel because the style is straightforward and easy to clean.

Exactly the reason I went with the Borbets when I replaced the Gotti's. They were three-piece wheels and were a royal PITA to clean around all of those little bolt heads. :mad

_ken :w
Devlboy: Good luck. VetsVette is correct that the GS +50mm offset is the way to go vs the +36mm ZR1 offset -BUT- his 96 has a different track width if you believe what you read on this web site so a 92/93+ years rear track goes at 59.0 inches with a +56mm offset wheel and our 89s goes 60.4 inches with +56mm offset. Both are 17s. Now going from a 9.5 inch wide wheel to 11" you are going to pick up .75 inches in wheel width approximately (due to offset) plus going from a +56 mm to a +50 mm leads me to wonder if there really is enough clearence. I guess the best way is to borrow one from someone and try it on. Thats what I am going to try to do when the weather gets nicer. I want it to fit W/O a flare and no interference if I decide to lower the suspension a tad.

Phil (aka 89ZZ4)
89zz4 , exacly what you said about fit and lowering! my exact concerns. keep me posted if you hear anymore or get a chance to trial fit. If i go for a gear swap I'll prob run the 285 tire, the addtl. diam will work to counter the low gear(a little) dunno its all still up in the air for another 60 days or so. waiting to hear back from racer78 if he has any lead on who in our CNY area would do a nice job on the gear change. Thanks again

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