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Question: Where can I get a all-weather cover that will fit?


Jan 20, 2007
Manhattan, Kansas USA
The car cover I got with my car 3 years ago has finally given out. I bought a new "The Wall" cover, but the fit is terrible. It seems to be too short and too wide. A moderate breeze will blow it off. The company I bought it from says "that's the way they all are." Does anyone have a good cover? My old one fit great, but it doesn't have any manufacturer tags, so I'm lost.
Apr 29, 2001
Rio Rancho, NM
1981 HD Suspension; ZN1 Option
The cover I am using on the Vette is from a company that is no longer in business, but I bought a cover from Tracy Performance for my 1971 Acadian, and given the fact that they did not have it on the shelf, I had to wait for it to be made.

Nevertheless, the cover is very high quality and breathable material. It has the fleece material on the contact side, and it came with a free cable and lock as well.

The cover has elastic bands sewn into the edge for the front and rear portions of the car, and it covers way up under it.

And here is the best part, even though they sell their covers through Car Covers Custom Fit SUV Truck Indoor Outdoor Water Resistant Waterproof, Tracy Performance also deals with mostly Corvettes parts and accessories ... TABLE OF CONTENTS, Corvette -- Tracy Performance Corvette so you are bound to be happy with the way they fit. I hope this helps.

Remember that Mid-America Motor Works also carries car covers.

GerryLP :cool

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