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Where is engine ID#?



I'm trying to see if a 1979 vin matches with the 350 that's under the hood, but can't find the ID#. My info says "front r/s engine block and shows a lame close-up that could be anywhere on the car--but looks like nothing I can find. Maybe I'm blind. Could someone pleeaase give explicit directions to the number? Please?
There is a flat machined surface at the front of the engine block, just below the front lip of the passenger side valve cover. It is actually the machined surface of the block right where the head attaches.

If your block is original you should see two seperate alpha-numeric codes stamped into the metal. I'm not exactly sure about '79 numbers, but I am pretty sure that the first code should include the last 6 numbers from your VIN as the last values in that code. The second code should start with "V" (indicates Flint engine plant) and end with a three letter suffix code that starts with "Z" (ZAA, ZAB, .....) This suffix code will ID the exact use of your motor (L82, L48,....)

If I have confused the heck out of you, locate the numbers on the engine and post them here. Someone should be able to translate them for you!

Block Numbers

Look next to your water pump, front right or passenger side of the head just below the valve cover. You should find two groups of numbers and letters. The first set should be part of your Veichcle Identification number. The larger size (1/4 inch) numbers and letters should indicate The plant F for Flint, engine assembly date, ( 01 month, 09 day), and engine suffix code. If you would like to see an engine code stamp, I have a 1965 250HP with standard transmission on my web site. It is located on the picture page. http://home.rochester.rr.com/carneyscorvette

I tried to check if the letter F was used for Flint plant in 1979, but could not find it. My books are for the 61 and 65 years.

Hope this helps!
Your engine plant stamp code on the machined pad will start with a "V" - Flint Engine changed their code letter from "F" to "V" in July, 1966.
I found the engine #!! THANKS!!!

Thanks a bunch to XXL Block, 61Silver and Racer78.
Peace, brothers.

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