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Where to buy interior roof trim


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Nov 22, 2008
Mystic CT
91 Dark Green Coupe
I have a 91 couple with the painted top. Missing when I bought it is the trim that looks to be held on with double sided tape I need rear and pass side pices or a set in black that match. No I don't want to buy a new top to get them..LOL
Check with Corvette Central,Mid America,Ecklers. I got mine from one of them a few years ago. Just forgot which one:W
you talking about the head bump protectors???little rubber pads about 6'' long about
1.5'' tall you should have 4 alltogether one on each side behind your head and one on right and left these are important! i still have bald spots on the left side and the back of my head from when a got my C4 these were missing on the left side i found out real quick what these are for. found mine in a vet salvage in tulsa for about 4.00 bucks a set some advise? use a good epoxy [2 stage quick dry] forget about the double tape what i've found out if the temp never gets above 50 your ok but you and i know during the summer this is impossible as tha temps inside a locked vette exceeds the mean tempture of the sun,so if you want it to stay in place epoxy is the way to go
I have checked at least online to those places and found nothing so far online a couple of calls to salvage yards leads to nothing as well.. Does anyone have a GM part# to search if all else fails..
Corvette Central has the side "head bump protectors",but not the back ones.Part # 604430. Hope this helps....
Do you think a side one might workin a pinch for the back considering I have none..
I'd give it a try. You'd just have to cut a small half circle to fit around the targa bolt holes.

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