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Which N.O.S system



I am looking into putting a NOS system in my car, 100 shot.

N.O.S has some 400 systems but I found a $350 system from edelbrock. Does anybody have an idea what the difference other than N.O.S has a more popular name when it comes to N20 systems.

Performance of the system. And I don't mean the gas I mean the spacers, hookups and so on.

I want to put a boom box in the car and hide the bottle in there. The boom box won't work of course just to hide the bottle.

I have thought this through myself. My plan was/is to put the Nitrous in the spare tire well, and either carry a donut spare, or a can of fix a flat. This is a better location in my opinion for many reasons, but mostly because it is not in the car taking up valuable space. Plus, you will just drop the tire tray, reach in and unhook the bottle to go get it filled again.

Anyway, in that low of a hsp boost, virtually any system is going to work fine. If all you want is around 100 hsp boost it does not need to be nearly as high tech. I say go with the one that best fits your budget.
I was thinking the same thing!

I was considering puting the bottle where the spare goes, but taking the rim off the spare and load it in between the tire and mount it. I was thinking of mounting a valve the I could control from the inside of the car so that I would not have to get out and open it up from the back.

I know I have seen smaller multiple bottles like in the movie the fast and the furious. something like that would work nice!

Now I am considering saving the money for a stroker, but thats another post.

I don't know the price difference, but ZEX has got the bugs all worked out of these things with a centrol computer processing module that will balance it all out. They also have nice bottle warmers, and remote shut off valves.
really, wow I did not know that.

I am looking to put a stroker that can put out at least 450 ft-lbs of torque and about the same power during the summer. The mechanic told me to just let him know and I could use his shop, tools and he would help me out. FOR FREE!!

I am looking at packages from edelbrock and holley. Ya know the systemax type packages.


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