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Whistling Noise


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Apr 3, 2003
Hanover, Massachusetts
1997 Black Corvette
Hey guys,
The car just started making a whistling noise at around 1500 - 2000 rpms. This is only when the car is moving. If it is in neutral and you try and put it under a load you might hear it slightly but not as loud. I thought it might have been a pulley so i took it to my mechanic. They changed the tensioner but no luck. Any ideas guys its pretty frustrating. car is an m6 with 87,000 miles.


Gone but not forgotten
Jun 23, 2004
Mississippi Gulf Coast
2003 AE Convertible, 1998 LCRM Convertible
I suspect you're having the same issue I'm having with my C5.

I've had all (I think it was 3, but I may be wrong on the number) pulleys changed and the belt replaced.

I can't access my repair records right now but it seems like Kevin replaced an "upper", "lower" and belt tensioner pulleys. Since it's been an intermittent problem, as soon as I think it's fixed, it starts again. :eyerole

As soon as I can do without my car for a couple of days, I'm going to leave it with Kevin overnight and see if he can duplicate the noise after sitting all night.

There is also a thread somewhere here in the C5 forums that suggest the issue can also be caused by the harmonic balancer bolt becoming worn and allowing slight misalignment.

A "search" in the C5 forums using the keywords harmonic+balancer may locate the thread.

Good luck!
Please post any "fix" because I'm sure more and more C5 owners are headed down this path.

:wJane Ann


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Nov 11, 2004
Old Fort NC/Vero Beach FL
03 Z-51,78 L82 Coupe
I've had a couple C5's that whistled from a small crack in the short hose coupler right at intake right behind the throttle body that go's to the PCV Valve!:thumb:thumb:thumb
It's the inboard one in this photo that plugs directly to the intake from the PCV right side!:thumb This is my 03 LS1,I see it's cracked again and will be leaking soon if not already,
I just replaced it about 3 years ago!!:ugh:ugh:ugh



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Apr 4, 2002
Clever, MO
1998 Two Tone Torch Red& Black Coupe
If you're not sure it's the belts etc.....squirt a bit of WD40 on one belt at a time to see if the noise stops. Do the same on the center of each tensioner or idler pulley where the bolt is located. The noise will stop immediately, and you can isolate the noise. Yes, it could be a pulley out of alignment. From my preventive maint. routine, I shine my very bright flashlite down on the edges of the belts and pulleys from the drivers side by the alternator with the engine running.....in order to see if any of those items are woobling or out of alignment. I don't like surprises.

Vacuum leaks can whistle as has been stated above. Also I've heard alternators make a whistling sound too. Look around the big hose on the brake booster too.

Is it a loud annoying noise, or something you hear with the hood open?

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