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Who offers a good extended warranty?



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Am buying a '99 Hardtop with 26,000 miles, and the warranty terminates in June 2002.

Who offers the best bang for your buck extended warranty?
HI there,
I have seen alot of warranty companies out there. The cheapest is never the best, as they will be extremely selsective as to what is covered.
The best one that I have seen is GM protection plan, with a 0 deductable. Heres why, as c5 has 13 control modules, and oil leaks are very labor intensive, cost comes high if you need repair.
The plan is extremely comprehensive, and covers many things that others do not. Seat adjusters, switches, motors, regulators for the windows.
Check with your dealer, or you can shop around online for further information.
The warranty is not cheap, but, IMO, the best for c5.
I agree with c4c5specialist. The GM protection plan is the best because it covers practally everything, and you know your dealer will accept it. Some dealers won't accept some of the other warranties and you have to pay for it yourself and then they will give you your money back. The GM protection plan can cost up to around $2200, but you can shop around.
I just purchased a 99 with 21000 miles on which the factory warranty expired due to time. I purchased a warranty from
www.1sourceautowarranty.com. It cuns for 10 model years or 100,000 miles on the odometer. It is an exclusionary warranty. That is, the policy states the items that are not covered, and by default everything else is covered. It is much like an extension of the factory warranty. It cost $1,220.
When I bought mine in August, I went with the GM Protection Plan....5 years or 50,000 miles...0 deductible and I think it was $1,200. I felt safer going with the GM extended warranty. Didn't want to take any chances that I wouldn't be covered. I went with the 50,000 miles because I had my 1979 for 21 years and it had 20,000 miles on it, when I traded it in. Too bad they didn't have a 21 year, 20,000 mile extended warranty. :D

I only drive this car about 7 K miles a year..and have owned it since new..At the 35th month of ownership..with 20K miles on it... I looked into extended warranties..

I went with the GMPP extended warranty..72 months and 50K miles with a 200 dollar deductible..

I've never had any problems with the car except the column lock and the drivers leather..so as with any extended warranty..I looked at the odds and grabbed the highest deductible..

THe way I looked at it is..I havent' had a stich of trouble but for about 240 dollars per year on the extra three years of warranty..it was a good bet..

The bcm's can go and I believe someone quoted them at like 900 dollars..probably wont happen but if it did..I'm out only 200 dollars..

I like the idea of being able to more easily sell the car at the end of fourth year of ownership as the car would come with a 24K mile and 24 month GM warranty if I decide to and by a different car..

Kind of hard to sell a perfectly good car with such good performance ..but you never know..
I agree, I went with the GM protection plan as well. Got the 6 year/75,000 mile warranty with 0 deductable. I have not had any problems, but it is good to have it as a back up.
Go to this site and check it out. I went there first and got the pricing. My dealer said it was being offered at employee cost. I asked him if he could give it to me for that price or I was going through them. He gave it to me for the same price. This coverage is the same as the original GM warranty except for some minor things. I got the 60k, 72 month coverage, 0 deductible.
Take the following info from someone who works at a GM dealership & has delt with most major warrenty companys.
You do get what you pay for.

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