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Whose on C.A.C. the same time I am?

C3Vette Lady

Active member
Jan 23, 2001
San Jose, California
1981 Red Coupe, 1973 Big BlockStingray
When I used to be on this site, member's names were listed if they were on the same time I was. With the recent changes, I can't seem to find that option. I know there is a buddy list, but I like the other way too. Does it still exist?

members present

C3Vette Lady,

On the Action Center Forums home page is a dark blue bar in the top header that says "Currently". Just below that it says "Members Present" and lists who is on . Also at the bottom of every post you read in the lower margine is a blue "online" icon lit up if that member is here. If not it is black and says "offline".

I hope this helps your enjoyment of the forums.


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