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LT4 Why an LT4?

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Nov 2, 2000
The Land of Enchantment
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What brought you to your LT4? Was it that it's a single year run engine? The GS and CE packages?

For my self, when it came time for a new 'Vette and I came across an add for a GS just up the road from me I jumped at it. It's kind of funny I guess, 'cause about 8 months earlier I found a GS for sale in northern Virginia for about 25K. I wanted to buy that car so much but I new it was not the right thing for me to do at the time (though it took me 4 days to talk my self out of it). I was sure that I would never come across another opprotunity to buy a GS again. But fortunatly lighting did strike twice, as it where, and I now have one of my own. :D

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