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Will we ever see another hoodscoop?


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
I was just thinking, what if Chevy put hoodscoops back on 'Vettes? I mean, they had them on there years ago so why not now?

I see that people can buy after market hoodscoops, but the Camaro SS comes with a hoodscoop.

Wouldn't a scoop quite easily add 10-15 horses to the rear wheels?

That is an interesting question. I actually have wondered the samething. You would think it would add more horsepower since there would be more cool air going into the engine.
BullWinkle.. I agree

Here is a photo a sketch done by "Gus". "Gus" has the LT-1 Registry, and I Stole this from one of his previous posts. I liked it so much, I keep it in my files, someday I may just do it to the Rare... I think Gus is planning to do this mod himself to his Corvette ;)

No matter what.. Gus has talent, this sketch just reached right through the screen and grabbed me..
Here it is:

I love scoops. They really add distinction to specialty models like the RamAir f-cars. How many of us can spot that famous 67 427 scoop a mile away doing 90? It just screams look at me[B/]. Heck, even my itty bitty Cavalier Z-24 has a functional cowl induction scoop, so why not a Vette.
Raisin Bran has two! :eyerole


[size=-2]I trying for a "Tommy" here.[/size]
BullWinkle said:
what if Chevy put hoodscoops back on 'Vettes? I mean, they had them on there years ago so why not now?

Vettes had hood scoops? When...what? The 67 big block had a fake hood scoop but I cannot think of any others especially with a real hood scoop.

I love the hood scoop on the SS Z-28's. I also like the fire breathing nostrils on the Trans Am.
One of these days I'll get enough $$ together to put the raised carbon fiber hood on my Z :)

Keith, your hood is the "cowl induction" type. The functional L-88 style was also a cowl type. Cowls draw fresh air from the base of the windshield. Scoops operate on the theory of "ram air." Some systems work and some don't. It seems that proper placement is the key here. Some scoops are actually placed in an area that is called "dead" in aerodynamic terms. Measuring an effective system requires taking it to a windtunnel for comparison and measuring the scale of increased speed over a given time. Many motorcycles are incorporating ram air, nowadays with the limited carb/throttle body placement. Some systems work better than others. --Bullitt
I heard somewhere that they originally intended the NACA Duct (like in Gus's pic of the C3) for the c4 but was dropped.....Perhaps the Crossfire verses TPI dilemmna was the cause..... but who really knows??
I Like Mine

I made an intake manifold and air element height change at the same time I put the hood with the L88 scoop on it so I can't say the scoop alone made a difference. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and found a hood done, never put on a car exactly the way I had planned to do mine for less money than the scoop cost. It was even painted white so I still have my stock hood. I do know it sounds and runs totally different and watching the air cleaner move when I whack it is fun. It most denfinitely changes the whole look of the car too and I get a lot of compliments on it. I needed the room for the changes I made but I also figured it couldn't hurt to have the extra air in the engine compartment.
Ken said:
Raisin Bran has two! :eyerole


[size=-2]I trying for a "Tommy" here.[/size]

Leave it to the pros Ken. :D
I'll probably get whacked for saying this, but I don't think that hood scoops alone account for much HP increase except for the cool air they have access to. To be effective as HP increasers, the air has to be rammed into the scoop, this can only be achieved at speed. The ramming effect is further reduced by the aircleaner element.
Anybody else remember the SS Chevelle 454 cowl induction, vacuum operated flap near the rear of the hood. This system worked on the premise of inducting cool, higher pressure air near the base of the windshield.
I like the idea of the cold air that the Z06 gathers up from the front inlet screens, not as cool looking as a hood scoop, but probably just as effective. of course on hot days that air coming up off the roadway is pretty warm, but not as hot as the underhood temps.
Just MHO.

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