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window motor quirk


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Sep 24, 2003
'73 4spd coupe, '04 6 speed coupe
Discovered something interesting the other day about the power window motors I thought I'd pass along. Wife and I were out cruising and I made a comment about how reliable the old C4 seemed to be lately. A couple minutes later I tried to run the drivers window down and when I hit the switch, nothing happened. Decided to keep my mouth shut next time and proceeded to troubleshoot the problem as soon as I got home. I narrowed it down to the motor and found that the motor cover with its glued-in magnets and the armature was all I could get off. It appeared that the rest of the motor was integral with the window regulator. With the cover and armature off I did happen to see the problem though, the failure was due to a broken lower brush spring. This allowed the brush to fall away from the armature thus breaking contact. I managed to repair the spring and got the motor put back together. When I pressed the switch, however, I found that the window ran in the wrong direction. I scratched my head for a while and wondered if I'd shorted something out while going through the troubleshooting guide in the Helms manual. I then decided to remove the motor cover and flip it over so that the magnets would be oriented opposite their current position. It could be mounted in either of two positions 180 degrees away from each other. There were no markings on the thing and there didn't seem to be a "right side up" orientation. I gave that a try and was suprised to find that it was a fix. There apparently was a correct way to orient the cover and I had installed it upside down on the first try. I figured since the magnets were oriented symmetrically on the cover it wouldn't matter how I installed it.

Does anyone know if there is a cheap(er) fix for when this motor dies completely? That is, a fix that does not require buying a whole new regulator assembly?


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Apr 17, 2001
Loxahatchee, FL, Palm Beach co
thanks ALL INFO is useful eventually

BTW heres a similar bit of info from an older post

replacing left 1996 window motor, need info

well, I get into the 1996 vette this A.M. (its parked in my garage)and the left window is down, as is the right side, I hit the right side switch and the window goes up, I hit the left side rocker switch NADA!ZIP!, I start checking fuses and then test the switch with a V.O.M. meter and the switch seems to be good, so off to the local chevy dealers parts dept, I go, cost of new switch is $150, motors $148, so since IVE tested the switch, Im reasonably sure its the motor, I buy that ONLY,mostly because Im reasonably sure its original and about due anyway,and now IM about to install it and while Ive done it on my 1985 vette Ive yet to do it on my 1996 and was wondering if theres any tricks, potential things IVE OVER LOOKED or info you guys might care to let me in on BEFORE I jump into this little project today...ANYONE???

BTW, the motor AND THE BRACKETs and ROLLERS in the window track assembly were worn past the point of use, I needed the complete assembly, cost from chevy $350, (I can't see how they lose money charging those prices for $40 worth of parts you can't find elsewhere.) but it was really a better deal in that it was far easier to install as a complete unit vs. replacing the motor...and yes I'm well aware they are listed far cheaper elseware!, but you pay thru the nose when you want the parts NOW, and are not willing to wait.
yeah, at times I pay retail. just to get the damn thing over with, if it could wait, I could have knocked 40% off the price.

this I see I failed to post the part number...ITS GM# 22063225 for the assembly with the motor and ID STRONGLY ADVISE you go that route vs the motor alone as its far less aggravation and well worth the differance in cost

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