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Window Runs (1961 -1962)



I've been building vettes for 37 years and have most of it down pretty good but one thing I never did was door guts on a pre 62. I'm building a 61 that was COMPLETELY dissassembled. Every nut and bolt was off. The boxes with the door hardware had stuff missing that I replaced.
I bought new felts for the back window run (the old felts were gone). The problem is, IF I put them in the run the window will not fit in. If I do not put them in the window frame bangs on the run makes noise and scratches the stainless. I've looked at other doors but the felts were gone or barely there and no one seems to have a clue how these are supposed to fit. Anyone got a door apart or replace these before?



chopperjohn69 I have mine all apart and i had the same problem so when i got my glass in the frames they were a little loose the glass man told me to put a little machine oil on the felts around the window frames ,told me this would swell tight guess what he knew his business then mocking the doors up oh oh there is that rattle ,well i took the glass and frame with the run channel to the fabric store where I found to my surprise that they came in different density. I asked and the lady said, here and we bent different thickneses around the window frame till we got the proper thickness and ran it in the window channel till the window slid nicely i asked again and they said contact cement so I cut some pieces of wood to fit in the channel then glued the fabric and placed it in the channel put in small pieces of wood to hold it in place and the next day voila. Then I took an exacto knife and small scissors and trimed it.It worked I am trying to get pictures but if you would like to discuss further its lave@adan.kingston.,net. nice sight ah MOOSEMAN

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