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Windowwhiper delay




I'm having trouble with my windshield wiper from my 78 pacecar. The delay doesn't work, when I switch on the delay the whipers are running on normal speed.

Is there a relay somwhere in the car?

Can anyone tell me what's wrong?:confused:


Hi Rene,
Welcome from another 78!
I don't have the wiper delay, wish I did, but I am sure someone here will have some information about it for you soon. I am noticing with the advent of spring, people are venturing outside and grinning at their 'Vettes....they're spending more time onroad than online! :)
How long have you had your pace car? L-82? I am curious as all-get-out because it is the same year as mine. :) Tell me, tell me, tell me......
Mine is L48 in the 2tone silver colors.
Switch Relay

Hi Rene,

Wecome to the CAC from the States. My '81 has the delay and usually they are built in as part of the switch itself. The relay can blow out and the switch still function perfectly. Perhaps the switch was replaced once with a non-delay switch. It come out rather easily. Check and see. Either way, it's not an expensive replacement.

Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.

Regards....... Nut
Hi 78silvanniv and nutmegbronze1

We bought our Pace Car last year (july 2000).
It's a L48 automatic. The car is repainted, it looks very nice but as you probably know when you'r cleaning it you find things that could be done better.

The techical condition of the car is very good, dit some repairs myself minor oil leaks etc., also re-newed the master powersteering cilinder (new seals).

We have a lot of fun with the car eventhough the wheater isn't very nice most of the year. (We are living in The Netherlands) During the winter time we keep it in our garage nice and warm.

Our car is imported from the States in august 1991. I don't know who the last owner in the States was maybe I'll find out one day.

The VinCode of our car is 1Z87L8S902830
It has matching numbers and even the generator is original.

The switch is original but I can't find the delay relay maybe one of you know where i can find it in the car.

If you want to see some pictures of my car and other Pace Cars check my sit The 78 Pace Car Site



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