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Okay, I know we are still in July and the weather is starting to warm up again, but I was wondering what type of preparations do people do to tuck their "baby" away for the winter. :Twist
This is a Question for DDL-81


We have a resident expert.. DDL-81. I'm sure he can enlighten all of us on this subject. I hear the Summers are pretty short up there in MAINE... :J :J

If I don't sign this, maybe Dale won't know who posted it. :D
I can tell you what i do every other year....I bring it to our local Vocational school to fix the cracks,splits, and chips in the paint.
They have it all winter...free storage.

When I head up to Chicago in the late fall, I always give my Dad a hand storing the '93. All we do is clean/polish.....all that fun stuff. Then it gets an oil change and we check all the fluids. Then we silicone grease all the weatherstripping. We also lay little pieces of plywood under each tire that way they aren't sitting on concrete all winter long. Then, we cover it up and :cry :w

Thanks Jay

Thanks for the tips.... what about the gas? There are a few days here in the winter that we can still get out and enjoy our cars, but can the gas go bad after sitting a few months?
Winter in Florida

When winter begins down here we roll down the windows and put on our sunglasses.

Seriously, if you're going to store your car for a while change your oil/filter, run the car for a few minutes and put "Stable" in your gas tank. It is also a good idea to put the car up on jackstands. If you have the opportunity, start and run the engine every once in a while.

I would have withdrawal symptoms if I couldn't drive my Vette for that long.

Yeah I'm with greyghost on the winter thing. I just turn off th A/C and keep on going. hehe . I would use the heater but disconnected that as theres no use for it. I took the snow plow off the front too. I cant seem to find my snow tires and chains out in the garage either.

I do know one tip for engines that will lay up for a while. You can squirt Marvel oil down your carb as its running. It will smoke like mad but this will lube up all your valves and cylinder walls for storage. This will keep everything nice and rust free.


Geeesh do I have to think about that again.......

As my good "Bud" implied, when you live where winter is 6 months long you sort of have to become, well, an expert I guess. I add a fuel presevative to the tank, only costs about 8 bucks and saves a varnished up carb. Fill the gas tank to minimise the condensation that forms with the changing temperatures. I leave the window down about an inch and put a box full of dessicant in on the floor(helps keep the moisture from building up inside) Make sure the antifreeze is good to at least -30, and put the cover on. Then PRAY FOR AN EARLY SPRING!!!
Thanks all!

Thanks to everyone for the pointers on winter storage, I know it is a depressing thought but I want to try and have all the knowledge I can get my hands on to protecty my baby!..... Even in No. CA. the winters aren't bad (snow.. etc) they are wet and very damp and I sure want to avoid any moisture damage from storage in a garage.

You guys & gals are great!


I agree with all above...coming from Massachusetts winter is long enough and Spring fever catches me around January. ;>)

Couple of things...my vette is garaged everyday, someone suggested I place some carpet remnants under the car for the winter. Don't do it! I ended up with a mild case of mold in the interior. Carpet kept the moisture in the car and it didn't make me happy to say the least. I spent a day cleaning her up. As a precaution, I place a couple of charcoal brickets on the floor to absorb any moisture during the sleeping period. It makes a difference.

Another thing, mice love to find our cars as a winter home. Periodically check for the little buggers. You may want to set some type of traps on the floor mats. If you do this, check them frequently.

I guess the best advice would be...don't abandon the car during the winter months. Open up the doors, crank the windows, sit in it, etc. Check on her frequently. It may be tough on your spirit and increase your urge to take her out, but it will be worth it just knowing the winter status or your vette.

Good luck!

Great advice, I live on a ranch and mice are a definate problem and never even thought about that......:eek

I forgot about that one! Here's what I do to keep them out of the camper. Should work equaly as well in your vette. Place 2 or 3 dryer sheets in the interior and another 1 or 2 under the hood. Mice don't like the smell I'm told and won't stay around. Just remember to take out the ones under the hood before you start her up. Makes your car smell nice too
Speaking of winter


It's almost the end of July. About time for the snow tires isn't it?

:D :gap :t :booty :grinshot :crazy


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