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I've noticed that nip in the air lately and since this will be my first winter as a vette owner I was wondering about what most people do to store their cars for the winter, anything special precautions or preventative things.
Since you're in MI, I know it gets a lot colder there than it does here in Northern Va so I won't try to give you advise for your conditions but here's what will happen to mine. I won't really take any cold weather precautions since by end of October my garage will have heat but even last year when I didn't have heat I drove it at least every other week at least around the block a few times (if no snow on the ground). Believe me, I get some strange looks with the top down at 30 degrees:eef bundled up with the heat blasting. I have heard of some pretty elaborate cold weather plans some owners undertake but better safe than sorry.

Oh yeah, It will be covered most of the time with a flannel backed cotton indoor cover just to keep the dust off.
Hee hee hee . . . here in Southern California, we prepare for the winter by making sure the tank is full and the golf clubs are in the passenger seat. On the three days that it rains, we just put it in the garage . . .

Sorry, I couldn't resist . . . don't hate me!!
Yeah, but being from So. Cal. yerself . . . you know I'm right, huh?

Hey guys, while I can appreciate your nice weather out there and your right to gloat, that doesn't help me winterizing my car too much, only more depressed I have to tuck her away soon.

Jim, Here in MA I just kep the Vette covered in the garage and start/run it every other week. In short, I don't do anything so I can take it out on those days when there is no snow or salt on the roads. The first owner did the same for 19 years.

Winter Blues

I'm a midwesterner too, and there are some steps people take to prep the cars before storing them. Although, I have to confess, when I first got my Vette, I used to go all-out :( Today, 10 years later, I do the bare minimum. Translation: Quick Access.
Some actually drain all fluids, remove tires, store on blocks.
I simply start using gas line anti-freeze in October. Store in a unheated garage covered with a full tank of Premium gas with a treatment.
On those overly cold winter days - DO NOTHING, don't even try to start it, you'll just wear down the battery. On those rare nice winter days, above 32 degrees, take her for a drive. Just because we live in the midwest, doesn't mean we can't enjoy them. :) MOST of the time.
In the spring you should do the standard stuff like: Charge battery, change oil, inflate tires etc...

P.S. Don't let those west coast guys:Silly get you down. Owning a Corvette in a state where WE actually have more than ONE season, makes us appreciate them that much more. Wait untill spring, you wont' believe how excited you'll be on the first sunny:cool day. You'll get the same feeling as the day you bought her, and we get to relive that feeling EACH year.:J
But then again, it's so sad when we have to put them away
I Forgot

I forgot to say I have a drive-under garage so it never gets very cold.
Jimbo- Quick Access! You bet!


I don't have the room in my garage to store mine all winter so I have to find storage for it. Heres what I do, hope this helps you in getting yours put away for the winter. Fill the gas tank, add the correct amount of fuel conditioner(to prevent gumming) to the tank. Run the engine long enough to get it up into the carb so that is protected too. Get your cooling system in shape by making sure the antifreeze concentration is at -40. After I have parked it I disconnect the battery and remove it so that there is no danger of it freezing. A fully charged battery will not freeze, however if it discharges it will. I put the side windows down a couple of inches, this helps get rid of any moisture that may build inside. I also try to find some dessicant bags to put around inside as well. Put several dryer sheets around the interior and a couple under the hood. The mice don't like the smell and should leave your car alone. Put the cover on and go find something to wipe the tear off your face...........pray for an early spring.
Here in jersey winters lately are bad and good, after a water pipe burst in the garage, we cut a vent opening in duct work to warm the place up a little. Check out indoor/outdoor carpeting for the floor also prevents some of the cold clement floor temp's for raising up plus helping a little if your working on the floor.
Originally posted by Craig
P.S. Don't let those west coast guys get you down.

Not all us West Coast guys are so lucky. We dont really have 4 distinct seasons, two is more like it. The "lot's of rain" season and the "not so much rain" season. Unfortunatlly the not so much rain season is about end, and my GS is going in the garage for the winter.

Summer wont get here soon enough.

Thanks for the info guys. I can savor the last few warm fall days remaining, but it will be a sad day when I tuck her in.


I change the oil before putting it away so the acids in used oil don't eat away at the engine over winter. Full tank of gas and fuel stabilizer and that's about it. Keep the battery charged with a battery tender that keeps it full charged without over charging and start it a few times over the winter. Let it warm up completely and work the brakes also.

Re: winter

59Tom said:
I change the oil before putting it away so the acids in used oil don't eat away at the engine over...

...the next, HOW MANY YEARS, Tom? :L


Don't forget to seal up the tailpipes. You'll be surprised how many little, furry critters think it's a great place to rest. I could imagine you starting your Vette up and all these furballs blowing out the exhaust! Lizards often crop up frozen, dead around my garage during the winter, too. They crap as much as mice. :eek Better close up those rear deck openings and the wiper cover door, too. Use one of those big battery chargers/car starters with wheels on them. That should fire your baby up in no time. Most of all, think of a project that can keep you occupied over the long, cold days. Rebuild the carb, if it needs it. Clean the engine bay, paint the engine bay, polish anything metal, or detail her. A high school buddy of mine, who moved for one year to Milwaukee, pulled out his tranny, just so he could polish the trans case. Yeah, he needs profesional help, but what the hell. He said it was fun. :crazy There are so many things we mean to do, but never do. Let this be an oppurtunity for your Vette and yourself.--Bullitt

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