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Wiper blades



We have tried many aftermarket wiper blades for our 82' vette. They are all too long. Any ideas as to where to find wiper blades of the correct size to fit 1982 Corvettes. Thanks for any help we recieve.

Sounds like you are looking at changing the entire wiper arm?? This isn't necessary.. just change out the rubber on the wiper itself.. You can get replacement rubber at any parts store or even "Walmart or K-Mart" Just take a few minutes to look it over and I think you'll see what I am suggesting.

If you want to change out the entire wiper blade assy. Try your local Chevrolet Dealer... You'll be surprised sometimes what they have. Good Luck.. Like any other project.. Take a nice deep breath... exhale relax then attack.. ;)

I haven't checked the wiper blades on my 82 recently. I guess I should. ;) Since she's only been driven for parades, shows and on weekends for the last couple of years, she hasn't seen the rain. :s So I haven't worried about new blades. I'll remind my hubby that maybe he'd better check them though. Thanks for reminding me Bods82. :w

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