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wiper-low speed only



Finally reminded myself to check if the wipers worked on my 81, and to my disappointment they only work in low speed. The delay is inoperable and no fuction at all in the first position (low) and only slow operation in the (high) setting. The washer and mist funtions are ok. Whats your opinions?
First instincts are....


My first reaction is "Bad Switch"..
Page 141 Corvette Central "Wiper Switch with delay" = $34.35

Also check The Portal in the "Parts and Accesories" Section and the "General Parts and Accesories" heading.
thanks rare

I need help with my spelling as well as my trouble shooting skills.

Spelling is always optional here. I concur with Bud. I had to replace mine last year. Not worth trying to clean. Pull and replace. Be careful not to set down little knob and accidentally knock it off the bench and have it disappear into the black hole that exists in every garage. :D (from the Lessons Learned "the Hard Way" box). Good Luck.

.......... Nut :grinsanta

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