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Wiper system

Black Thunder

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Oct 14, 2001
Port St Lucie,FL
1968 Black Custom Vert 454 BB
Going to throw this out there to get some opinions........
Previous owner removed wiper motor & all related vacuum devices. I have the motor (not sure if it works though).
Is there a work around regarding wiper panel other than, a to the windshield hood. This ones got me scratching my head.
Grateful for any ideas,

Are you saying you have the door and hinge assembly along with the big vacuum can but no hoses etc? If so, you can buy a vacuum diagram that will help you figure out where it all goes and what else is missing.

Otherwise, I converted mine to electric. I bought a 2" stroke Electrak from www.uslinear.com. I removed the first set of brackets on the hinge assembly, built a small aluminum bracket to mount where that massive vacuum can usually does, trimmed out the firewall hole a little larger, and mounted it in. The wiring is just like a power door lock. The actuator is rated at 75 lbs for 80,000 strokes. It is weather resistant. The whole project will set you back about $200.

Maybe some day you can drive that thing up here to the Jacksonville area and I will show you how to build it.

If you don't have any of that stuff, you can buy a long hood that extends to the windshield but looks like the one you already have. Since the car is black, it won't be hard to color match the paint. You may be able to Ebay that old stuff for a couple of hundred bucks. In fact, I have a friend here with a 71 that might like to have your old parts.

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