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Won't Blow--No A/C


Jun 23, 2001
Chester, NY
82 Red Coupe
Last year the trip back form Carlisle was a bit "warm" w/o the A/C, so this year I got it recharged. Worked great. For about a week. Coincidently, now it appears that the blower is an additional problem.

The compressor cycles OK. Cold pipes. The dash switches appear to trigger the appropriate relay action under the hood, but the blower isn't coming on (either w/the A/C or heater). The A/C fuse is good, but I can't find a fusable link (there's supposed to be one) for the blower.

Strange thing (or maybe not): I noticed before the blower went south, it was staying on for a few seconds after the car was turned off. Think maybe it's just a stuck relay?

Anybody got any ideas?
Mine was doing the same....replaced the blower relay, no problems.
Don't know if yours is located in the same place as a '77 tho. My relay was under the hood forward of the wiper assembly on the passenger side, sits right on top...ez fix.

Well, I've checked about everything now . . . I replaced the blower relay (it was cheap enough)--but I'm still dead. The blower switch is triggering the relay ok, so I assume now that it's the blower motor itself? I stilll don't find any fusable link--between the relay and the blower.

The blower motor is tucked waaaay inside the fender under the a/c box and behind the evaporator--this is not going to be fun. Should I let "the vette guy" do it?

Thanks All

15 to 20 years ago I would do it, but at this stage in my Corvette Summer Life, I would opt for paying someone else to do this job ;)

I still do a lot of stuff to Rare, but somethings I just don't have the gumpshun (sp) to do. :D

A couple of years ago I had my Corvette RX replace the blower......after taxes etc. was $158.00. So for me it was a no-brainer to let him do it :D
Did you check the wire going to the motor with a test light,its a single wire so should be easy to do,when I changed my motor a few years ago I went through the fender louver to get at it,as I recall,could also be in the resistor assm.
But Noooooooo . . . . I wouldn't listen. I had to do it myself. 6.5 hours!! The fan had to be removed from the motor assembly while it was still in the car, so that it would drop out through the chassis. Then of course, I dropped the clip that spaced the squirrel cage on the shaft--so I had to fashion my own, then put the entire thing back up through the chassis (thank goodness for the 82's removable and functional louvers) and reassemble it before bolting it back up. Got a great deal of satisfaction out of knowing I managed to get it all done with only swollen and scraped hands, wrist, and forearm (try getting your big mitt in that 1" space between the A/C box and the fender--no wait--try getting it OUT--I almost didn't) . . . and then . . . I found out it the fan STILL didn't work! Now I've tested all the wiring and the fan's getting juice . . .so I guess I'll make use of Autozone's "Lifetime Guarantee"--after I have my mechanic do it over. Do ya believe it????
Tried that one too . . . no luck . . . been thinking about the resistor though. I removed it and it LOOKS OK. Is that all there is to it?

What happens when

You jump 12 volts DIRECTLY to the fan?

Try this first... then we may proceede from there.

You MIGHT want to take the time to fashion a test lead... crimping a female spade lug on a piece of #16 wire.. and a fuse holder would be a good thing ( 30 Amp).. before you BODGE IT UP!.

In the 73.. there is a horn relay..off the horn relay there is a 12volt junction point.... off that point there is a FUSE (inline style 30 amp) That is FAN power for HIGH FAN... it's an ORANGE wire and it lives on the fan relay socket... ( remember I'm talking 73..)

The OUTPUT of the relay should be a TAN wire... this goes to the fan.

If you JUMP the orange & tan the fan should spin..



Searching for a later schematic.
On an 82 FAN for A/C

A purple wire goes to the fan motor.. the rest is unclear to me..( Bad Copy )

OK,just looked at mine,facing blower motor,black ground wire at 1 Oclock,purple power wire at 5 Oclock,you say the purple wire has power? If so,how many volts? Double check that ground and don't for get to threaten the car with going to the junkyard,thats what i'd do. One last thing,put your hand on the motor to feel if it's humming,as its possible to pinch the squirrel cage when installing.

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