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Help! 1964 coupe a/c question


New member
Dec 28, 2018
Houston, Tx
1964 Coupe
Hi, I'm new to this forum and I have a question concerning my 1964 coupe with factory a/c. About 6 months ago I had an electrical fire behind the glove box and it basically destroyed the original interior a/c system and dash. I was able to extinguish the fire and kept it from going past the firewall. Gratefully, no injuries or other sustained property damage. Unfortunately, I am trying to restore it back to it's original factory a/c and components. Not only expensive, but hard to find parts too. The insurance company insisted that the car be investigated by a 3rd party adjuster to determine repair cost(s), which meant tearing apart the dash by a restoration shop. My problem is I am not using that restoration shop and I am having trouble with a specific part. On the center dash, there is a knob on the lower left side which controls the heater/blower switch cable. I know the connections for the electrical side of this switch/cable, but I do not know where the mechanical cable part runs or connects. Below is the only reference I've been able to find and it stops short of the mechanical cable end connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Shawn

I controls the air inlet door.


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