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Wrong Gas! What will it do

Most of the time the recommendation is that if you don't want to run high octane or have several choices (90,92,94) that you run the low octane and see if it knocks or taps or loses power. If it does, go to the next higher. A few gallons of the higher octane will get rid of the knocks/power losses if they occur, so don't fill up when trying this.

The same hold true if you want to see how the octane effects your gas mileage. And has been stated, the higher the compression ratio, the higher the octane tytpically needed.

In a related issue, different gases have different additives, but you have to use them for a while to get them to work effectively. So many suggest that one rotates gas manufacturers every 5K.
Except with a C4 car with a knock sensor; all TPI cars at least had knock sensors, and if you are getting audible spark knock under any condition, you've got a bad knock sensor.
Higher octane in an L-98 will *always* give more horsepower, up to about 110 R.O.N., due to the way that engine was calibrated. 110 octane would give you around 260- 265 HP acording to my source at GM.
So what octane is the rated HP? Does your source note that?

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