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WTB 461x heads for '63 SWC

Wanted to buy: 461x heads for '63 SWC, date codes prior to Mar 11 '63 (C 11 3).
hi i have two sets of 461x heads one set casting number 3782461 date codes k 131 , k 111 , gm 1 stamped in center of head one set casting number 3782461 date codes g 92, g 82 x stamped on both sets of heads they are bare heads also one set of 461 heads with date codes h 315, h 265 let me know if you are interested thanks
Thanks for the response. I'd be interested in the 461x's dated g 9 2 and g 8 2. Are these 1.94"/1.50" valves or 2.02"/1.60" valves? Any pics you can send me? Thanks.
461x heads 4 sale

hi i will try to include pics of the heads the heads are for sale in the bignickel.com they are listed for 500.00 the asking price is 500.00 plus shipping the heads are 2.02 i think not sure i found some used valves and tried them the valves measured just over 2 inches across not sure how to measure them let me know if you need more info thank you

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