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WTB smooth air coupler


Active member
Jun 3, 2005
leon iowa
1997 black c5 corvette
I've been looking for the smooth coupler that goes between the throttle body and the air bridge. Let me know. Thanks
I could be asking a dumb question but.....

....are you trying to find out where you may buy one retail (e.g. MidAmerica Direct or West Coast Corvette) or do you want to buy one for cheap from an individual?
I have one from Volant on my C5. Tests I've read since then show that there is no benefit in HP from replacing the stock intake coupler. but nothing wrong with doing it as a visual mod.

This forum has one for sale by an individual from time to time but I tend to see them more often on the other Corvette Fourm

(if you wanted a used one)

good luck

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