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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Can't believe I havent read this anywhere here before.

I was messing around with my search engine and found TPiS website!! and WOW MAN WOW Nice stuff decent prices!!

For sure looking at the 52mm Throttle body,Coated Header,VB cover plate(Aint that fancy!) Plenum and Wide mouth runners

It seems they have a neat little ROM program going to Im going to compare it against the JET before I submit my Moola to them

But Id like to REALLY know now that Im looking more and more

Can I BUY a COMPLETE 383 Stroker from someone and give my engine as a core?? Does anyone do that? because that would be just excellent.

Looks like TPiS knows how to get some lost ponys out of my drivetrain for sure Im IMPRESSED (If they just arent blowing smoke from we know where) but by judging they're products and the quality I dont think they are WOW :upthumbs :upthumbs


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
check out Ken's enging project thread, and my Miniram and Ram Clutch conversion thread.

We are both TPiS customers now and I for one and satisfied with the performance and customer service given by TPiS. Both Ken and I have been talking to Terry out there. They know their stuff.

I am running the Miniram, 52mm throttle body, matching fuel rail, and heated O2 sensor from TPiS.

I went with Headman headers (saved about $500!), because it aint a show car, and no matter how good the coating is, it will eventually stain and turn color.

As far as a "Core" on your engine, you might be better served to find a local engine builder that will get a stroker crank, rods, and pistons for your block, either replace your head with good ones, or send yours out for some custom work. If you top it off with a matching suggested TPiS ZZ series cam, and chip you will be off and running.

My car is a rocket now. More motor than tire.

Have fun!


You might want to check Pace Parts They have a new 383 stroker in a new motor. They also have a caprice motor made for the police impala with the LT-4 bottom end. That ought to be a great engine from all appearances to drop into a vette. Add hot cam and TPIS intake for a really strong new notor....

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