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Z06 Top Speed Mods



Has anybody done any mods to the Z06 that will increase its top speed to about 185-190MPH? I live in Germany and would love to see the look on a Porsche 911 turbo or Ferrari 360 Modena as a Millenium yellow Z06 eats them for lunch.

Nick In Germany.

Welcome to the Corvettenh Action Center Nick! Congratulations on your ZO6 too. I havent heard of any new systems or upgrades specificly for the LS-6 but I do beleive that some of the stuff that works on the LS-1 will also work on the LS-6. Like the throttle body, or intake manifold. You can also do the small stuff like headers, plugs, air box...

Good luck in your quest for more HP and be sure to keep the shiny side up!

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Thank you for the information I think that my first mod will be the Tric airflow kit and some throttle body mods and perhaps a header job as well. I do not want to change the titanimum exhaust as it is beautiful as it is. Awaiting delivery still, June 01.


I just thought that I would let you know that I was doing some looking on the new Z06 and I herd that it was the fastest vette to be produced if that is the case than it would be faster than the Calloway which hits a top speed of 254.76 mph I hope that you enjoy your new toy and be safe with it because you don't want to hurt the car!!!

Harry P.

When Chevy calims that the ZO6 is the fastest Corvette ever produced they are talking about 0-60 and 1/4 mile times that the car is capable of off the show room floor. Top end the ZO6 is acctualy supposed to be SLOWER than an LS-1 equiped coupe by about 3mph (but who is ever going to get to 172mph (ZO6) or 175 (coupe)?

Callaway, LPE, DRM, Vette Brakes... none of those car's count as production cars because they have been taken and modded, upgraded, and tuned to perfection for who ever is supplying the cash (it would be like comaparing a street C5 to the C5-R race car).

Also, welcome to the Action Center. There is a lot of great info here.
changing the rear gears (3.07), lowering, and increasing power through some judicious CNC head porting.

best mod might be a LPE TT setup (223-226 mph) but bring around the price of the Z06 to get there!!!

seriously, changing the gearing will help top speed and is probably the cheapest mod. Not sure of the stock Z06 gearing but going a bit "taller" will let that LS6 howl a bit harder in 5th and get you up to the speeds you seek with a bit more power.

getting 450 HP out of the LS6 is pretty easy by updating the air cleaner, throttle body, chip tweak, and potentially a bit of head/cam work. Plastic intake is better than the LS1 so not much to be gained there. I would seek out vette doctors in NY and ask their advice, find a good vette mechanic, have them ship u the parts, and give the pooch a good scare. You don't have far to go to attack the autobaun and will get there faster too!!!!

back in the 60s we had a good old american V8 (460) lincoln. not much in the acceleration dept but just wait till you hit a hill, the porsche guys yelled at us as we croozed by!!!

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